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Draugas - The Lithuanian World-Wide Daily

Publisher: Lithuanian Catholic Press Society
Editor: Dalia Cidzikaite
Address: 4545 W. 63rd Street, Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (773)585-9500 Fax: (773)585-8284

Dirva - The Lithuanian National Weekly

Publisher: American Lithuanian Press & Radio Assn. VILTIS, Inc.
Address: 19807 Cherokee Ave., Csleveland, OH 44119
Phone: (216)531-8150 Fax: (216)531-8428


Publisher: Lithuanian Alliance of America
Editor: Edvardas Sulaitis

Vytis – The Knight

Publisher: Knights of Lithuania
Address: P.O. Box 32020, Chicago, IL 60632-0020
Phone: (773)927-4990