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On February 10th in the city of Chicago there having gathered Americans of Lithuanian descent and their friends to commemorate the 84th anniversary of the declaration of Lithuania’s independence and the 749 year of Lithuanian statehood the following resolution was unanimously adopted.

WHEREAS Lithuanian Americans today in recalling the reestablishment of Lithuania’s independence stand in solidarity with their fellow Americans in the struggle against terrorism and tyranny of every sort; and

WHEREAS Lithuanian Americans extend their support and commitment to this struggle for peace and stability; and

WHEREAS it has been the consistent stated policy of the United States government that such peace and stability will be buttressed in the international community through the expansion of NATO; and

WHEREAS the Lithuanian government has joined in the international effort against terrorism and has likewise complied with all the requirements for NATO membership

NOW THEREFORE be it resolved that we gathered here today commit ourselves to the struggle against terrorism and tyranny and support president Bush and his leadership in this regard.

FURTHER be it resolved that we support and commend the determination of the United States to enlarge NATO; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we support the efforts to invite the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and all other qualified countries to NATO admission and urge that they be invited to such membership in the fall of this year at the NATO summit in the city of Prague.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be forwarded to the executive and legislative branches of our government.