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To build a single Baltic liquefied natural gas terminal (LNG) in Latvia would be the cheapest option than to build an individual LNG terminal in each Baltic State.  The most expensive option to secure an alternative gas supply to the Baltic States is to build an LNG terminal in Lithuania, an energy policy research group at Cambridge University concluded in a study.

‘We have a developed infrastructure for gas supply from Latvia to all Baltic States. For several years we have supplied gas in winter both to Estonia and Lithuania, and have even pumped gas from Incukalns to Kaliningrad. There are projects on constructing gas pipelines from Estonia to Finland, and on how to connect Lithuania with Poland. This automatically means we can deliver gas from Latvia also to these countries,’ Juris Savickis, the Itera Latvia president said to the Latvian business paper Dienas Bizness.

On another hand Lithuania’s Minister of Energy announced on 14 September that Lithuania is ready to build its own LNG terminal in Klaipeda and invite Latvia and Estonia to buy the terminal’s shares on its completion.  Sekmokas, during the press conference stated that during his visit to Brussels he explained to the European Commission the motives behind building the LNG terminal in Lithuania so hasty.  ‘I have told them that we are looking to building it by ourselves, even without waiting for EU funding, because funding is possible in the 2014-2020 financing period. We need it sooner. We cannot wait, but we are ready to give some shares to Latvia and Estonia.’