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Washington, DC (JBANC) — Baltic Caucus co-chairman Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) introduced the “Black Ribbon Day” resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives on July 16. The legislation supports the designation of August 23 as a day of remembrance to recognize the victims of Soviet Communist and Nazi regimes.

Your help is needed to increase cosponsorship of this legislation in order for it to be considered for further action. Please contact your Congressional Representative today by calling the Capitol switchboard for the telephone number of your Member of Congress at: (202) 224-3121. Besides Rep. Shimkus, cosponsors of H. Res. 302 include House Baltic Caucus co-chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman and Baltic Caucus member Ed Royce (R-CA), Baltic Caucus members Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), Tony Cardenas (D-CA), MarcyKaptur (D-OH), Aaron Schock (R-IL), along with Susan Brooks (R-IN), Bill Huizenga (R-MI), David Joyce (R-OH), William Keating (D-MA), and MichaelTurner (R-OH).

Reasons to support the Black Ribbon Day resolution:

***August 23, the date of the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (the non-aggression pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany), would be an appropriate date to designate as Black Ribbon Day, as its result was the partition of Europe between the two countries, and the ensuring occupation by the Soviet Union of multiple Central and Eastern European countries, including the Baltics.

***We cannot forget the terror that millions of citizens in Central and Eastern Europe endured while under the ruthless repression of occupying and oppressive totalitarian states;

***H. Res. 302 follows similar legislation in the European Union, Council of Europe, and Canadian Parliament and it is now time for the United States to follow suit;

***The memories of Europe’s tragic past should be remembered and this will honor the victims, condemn the perpetrators, and lay the foundation for reconciliation based on truth and remembrance.

The list of co-sponsors will be updated at Please contact your Member of Congress if he or she has not yet signed on. Your message will count, and makes a difference! Feel free to contact JBANC to let us know how your Member of Congress responded. Thank you!

***Congressional contact information:
***House Baltic Caucus member information:
***Capitol switchboard, for the telephone number of your Member of Congress at: (202) 224-3121
***JBANC:; Twitter @jbancchatter and on Facebook.

Latest Title: Expressing support for designation of August 23 as “Black Ribbon Day” to recognize the victims of Soviet Communist and Nazi regimes.
Sponsor: Rep Shimkus, John [IL-15] (introduced 7/16/2013) Cosponsors (11)
Latest Major Action: 7/16/2013 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Rep Bridenstine, Jim [OK-1] – 7/30/2013
Rep Brooks, Susan W. [IN-5] – 9/9/2013
Rep Cardenas, Tony [CA-29] – 9/9/2013
Rep Huizenga, Bill [MI-2] – 8/2/2013
Rep Joyce, David P. [OH-14] – 7/30/2013
Rep Kaptur, Marcy [OH-9] – 7/30/2013
Rep Keating, William R. [MA-9] – 9/17/2013
Rep Royce, Edward R. [CA-39] – 9/9/2013
Rep Schiff, Adam B. [CA-28] – 7/22/2013
Rep Schock, Aaron [IL-18] – 7/30/2013
Rep Turner, Michael R. [OH-10] – 8/2/2013