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Lithuanian Roman Catholic Federation of America – Chicago IL

Lithuanian Social Democratic Federation of America – Oak Lawn IL

Lithuanian National Society of America – Oak Lawn IL

Lithuanian National League of America – Sandara – Montgomery IL

Lithuanian Alliance of America – New York NY

Lithuanian Catholic Alliance Foundation – Wilkes-Barre PA

Lithuanian Catholic Women’s Alliance – Chicago IL

Knights of Lithuania – Binghamton NY

Lithuanian Regeneration Society – Sawyer MI

Lithuanian Society of the Vilnius Region – Detroit MI

National Lithuanian American Republican Federation – Clawson MI

Lithuanian Democratic League – Palm Beach FL

Lithuanian Christian Democratic Movement – Putnam CT

Korp! Neo-Lithuania – Park Ridge IL

Lithuanian Students Association of North America – Chicago IL

Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce of America – Willowbrook IL

Lithuanian Roman Catholic Charities – Palos Hills IL

Lithuania Philatelic Society – Chicago, IL