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Two top Lithuania’s officials have different opinions about the ways to deal with a problem of the double citizenship law. Even though the Speaker of the Parliament Irena Degutiene supports extension of the double citizenship criteria she is convinced  that a referendum have to be held on amendment of the Constitution.  The Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius on the other hand thinks that Lithuania should be more flexible on the issue.

‘In my view, we might have not taken an entirely correct route by amending the Citizenship Law for a number of times and always receiving an answer from the Constitutional Court that the decision ran counter the Constitution. Shouldn’t we start considering the need for referendum on amendment of the Constitution on this issue?’ the Speaker sais in an interview to Ziniu radijas on 13 October.  She added, ‘It has to be stated in the Constitution.’

The Prime Minister on the other hand has a more flexible view. ‘I have always been a moderate supporter of the idea to allow people with Lithuanian roots to have a dual citizenship. It is unwise not to create conditions for people to retain their Lithuanian citizenship and to take citizenship of another country after prolong residence,” Kubilius said in a interview to Public radio a day earlier.

The amendments to the law was discussed in the Parliament on 12 October.  The amended Citizenship Law would allow to retain the Lithuanian citizenship to those who became a citizen of another country by the age of 21.  It would be extended to the Soviet deportees, dissidents, to those who received another citizenship after marriage.

The Constitutional court in Autumn of 2006 had explained that such amendments would breach Organic Law and  contradict Constitution, since Lithuanian dual citizenship is granted only in special circumstances.  The deliverance of amendments got stuck in the Parliament once again.  Some of parliamentarians convinced that the law will come back to the parliament only after New Year.