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Analyst Edward Lucas from a British weekly newspaper The Economist, who also took part in the IQ Magazine discussion about the changes in Lithuanian foreign policy, thinks that a major problem in Lithuania is that the president and the government are saying different things, reported.

“What concerns me most is a constantly mixed message: the President says one thing, and the Government says something totally different. One still observes utterances that cause a lot of damage”, Lucas states.

He also mentions that Lithuania has certainly not contributed to improving the relations with the USA. However, the biggest problem is, he claims, the disunity of the EU, which has purportedly become very visible during the war between Georgia and Russia.

Lucas agrees that non-cooperation among the Baltic countries continues to be a critical problem. According to the analyst, any country, irrespective of the region towards which it is oriented, cannot escape geography, and matters, such as gas supply lines, pipelines, electricity connections, and the building of roads and railways require agreement and cooperation.

“In my opinion, the fact that twenty years after regaining independence the Baltic States still lack decent cooperation in the energy sector is absolutely outrageous. In this part of the world, we continue to see the same problems”, Lucas says bitterly.

“One cannot escape geography; all this boring business of gas supply lines, pipelines, roads and railways requires intense cooperation. Every time I attend a Baltic conference, I get sick of hearing the popular “no more talking, it is time for doing”. When I come six months later, I hear the same again”, the British analyst adds.