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On 5 November at the NATO workshop on energy security in Brussels, Director of the Economic Security Policy Department of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Audrius Brūzga presented the Centre for Energy Security that is being established in Lithuania. The workshop was held at the initiative of Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and the U.S.A.
Ambassador A.Brūzga invited experts from other countries to cooperate in the area of energy security and said that the Centre for Energy Security would seek the status of a NATO accredited Centre of Excellence and would be Lithuania’s significant contribution to the activities of NATO.

Participants came to this seminar not only from NATO member countries, but also from partner countries, such as Georgia and Azerbaijan, which are also concerned about energy security and aim to cooperate with NATO in ensuring the protection of critical energy infrastructure.

Representatives from such big energy companies as Eurogaz, Shell, British Petroleum and others were invited to take part in the workshop. They emphasized NATO’s undisputed significance in protecting the energy infrastructure and in ensuring energy security and stability.