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On 16 February at the meeting with Speaker of the United States House of Representatives John Boehner, the Chair of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs Iliana Ros-Leithenen and other members of the Committee, and discussed with them the Lithuania-U.S. cooperation in the field of international security.

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed the necessity to keep the U.S. attention focused on the European security. According to him, guaranteeing the U.S. presence in Europe is an important prerequisite for ensuring European security.

Minister A.Ažubalis stressed the necessity to better coordinate the efforts of Lithuania, the United States and other Western countries in strengthening democracy in the European Union’s Eastern neighbourhood and helping the countries in the region establish closer ties with Europe soon.

The Minister also presented the EU-backed plans of the Lithuanian Government to separate the gas transmission, production and sales to consumers, as well as other efforts of Lithuania to ensure energy security.

Minister A.Ažubalis requested the U.S. Congress for political support to the implementation of the Visaginas nuclear power plant project that involves four countries and other new energy projects in Lithuania and in the surrounding region.