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Is it the case that a new alliance is in a process of forming in the European North, some pundits are asking in Lithuania and not only.  Perhaps not in the short term, but London is hosting a meeting of the Northern European Prime Ministers for a brain storming session.

The Prime Ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and the UK are meeting in London today to discuss innovation policy, ideas of business for society, creativity and other unconventional ways to retain and improve stability of public finances and enhancement of public well-being.

Lithuania’s Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius noted differences between “continental Europe and current problems in Southern Europe” and “the successful Europe of Nordic and Baltic countries.”  On 6 December Kubilius said, ‘continental Europe with its present issues in the South (now, including Ireland) constitutes one ‘Europe’, and the successful Europe with Nordic and Baltic countries that have been coping with the crisis (a particularly deep crisis in the Baltic States) really well, makes up another.

In Europe, Britain has never managed to establish its role next to Germany and France, and now it is going along with us. We are demonstrating dynamic leadership to Europe and the world. It is not just ourselves who see the directions of convergence – the British perceive us in a similar way. It is an amusing synergy that boosts up our enthusiasm.’

Political scientist Mindaugas Jurkynas said that the Baltic, Nordic States and the UK has a lot of in common in geopolitical concerns. . ‘There are some tensions between Britain and Russia, as well – the Litvinenko case and problems with the British Council. These are the contact points. The Nordic countries aren’t indifferent in the domain, as well,’ Mindaugas Jurkynas, said to Baltic News Service and was quoted by portal.  He also added that, “It is the first exploratory meeting. Its results will determine what happens in the future. However, it can only be viewed in positive light.”