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(From today’s Nov. 11, 2010 CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing): “Limping Duck. Disparate House and Senate agendas are starting to firm up for the session that starts Monday. ”

‎”The outgoing Democratic majority in the House — which will have its leadership elections next week, after all — is trimming its wish list fast and hopes to turn off the lights by Friday, Dec. 3, which is when the current stopgap spending …law expires. They’ll be content with short-term solutions to the must-do items (keeping spending flowing and addressing the tax cuts) and then will send the Senate an expansion of child nutrition programs.

Senate Democrats, on the other hand, want to make the most of their 59 votes (down to 58 after Thanksgiving, when Mark Kirk replaces Roland Burris in Illinois) during the lame duck. Beyond the have-to-do items, Reid is talking once again about pushing a limited immigration bill, while Kerry wants to win ratification of the Russian arms control treaty.”

-The Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc. a liaison between Lithuanian American Council, American Latvian Association and Estonian American National Council-