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Prime Minister Kubilius said that having sorted out and disbanded LEO LT that he can now do the same with Gazprom.

In an interview on Lithuanian Public Radio recently, the Prime Minister maintains that his government is managing the restructure of the energy sector even though it is encountering resistance from influential business groups.

“They also said it would be impossible to break up LEO LT. Gazprom is saying that we can’t touch them, as they control the supply and network of heating services in Lithuania.

“We are trying to de-couple energy supply and the heating network, separating thermal power generation from the network. And we want to include biofuel into the mix, which in turn would mean lower prices,” the Prime Minister said.

“Already this winter we have started the process and will ensure that customers will be fully informed about how much heating was necessary for the furnaces so the customer can better understand the bill and compare them with others,” he added.