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VILNIUS — A joint report from Statistics Lithuania and the national bank has found a huge jump in FDI over the past year, with a spike occuring in recent months.

The report found that FDI had incresed by more than 21% — a total increase of 202 million litas — in just one quarter. Over the past year, FDI has jumped by a staggering 1.5 billion litas.

“An increase in the FDI inflow in Lithuania was determined by an increase in the flow from other capital and a decrease in the negative flow from reinvestment,” the report said.

“In II quarter 2011, the largest investment came from Poland (LTL 1 billion), Sweden (LTL 683.2 million), Estonia (LTL 292.8 million) and Finland (LTL 93.4 million),” it said.

The positive indicators are the result of a campaign by Lithuanian authorities to make attracting FDI a priority for the country.