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The opinion that the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation for Rehabilitating Victims of Political Repression has announced regarding the damages caused to the occupied countries due to the Soviet annexation is a good sign, which shows that Russia acknowledges that the Baltic Sates also fell victim to the totalitarian regime, said Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Ažubalis.

“The acknowledgement that not only Russia, but also other so-called post-Soviet countries, including the Baltic States, had suffered from the Soviet totalitarian crimes is an important step forward and we are optimistic about it. We are glad that Russia recognizes the obligation to fully disclose the crimes of totalitarian regimes and to open up its archives. Lithuania is ready to cooperate constructively and hopes that this process will go smoothly,” said the Minister.

The Minister also positively assessed the interview given by the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to the country’s TV channels, during which Putin expressed inclination to pursue good and friendly relations with all neighbours, and that, in the opinion of the Minister, corresponds to Lithuania’s repeatedly voiced readiness to develop a respectful and equal dialogue with Russia.