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Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius expressed his disappointment with some of the Polish politicians who are intentionally heating up the bilateral relationship between Lithuania and Poland.

‘I am slightly surprised by this atmosphere heating and absolutely false accusations against Lithuania by individual Polish politicians. I would guess they are a reflection of the Polish interior policy,’ Kubilius in an interview to the Ziniu Radijas radio station on 28 October.

Asked about the Polish minority rights in Lithuania the Prime Minister replied that they are observed better in Lithuania as compared to the Lithuanian minority in Poland.  ‘The Poles in Lithuania have one of the best conditions, as compared to education and cultural conditions in other countries with Polish minorities, including the number of schools and universities,’ the prime minister said.

Prime Minister admitted that there are problems with land restoration issues in the Vilnius county, but Lithuania approved an ambitious plan to resolve it.

Kubilius maintains that Lithuanians do not hinder work of Mazeikiu Nafta oil refinery which was bought by the Polish PKN Orlen.  ‘Those accusations or reproaches, that we somehow haven’t taken care of the Polish investment into Mazeikiu Nafta, are also unfounded. Mazeikiu Nafta has not seen any deterioration in its conditions for business.  Problems Mazeikiu Nafta is experiencing are not related to logistics. It’s the general situation in European oil refiners that saw their profit margins fall dramatically and, therefore, their business is not that profitable or sometimes are loss-making.’

Commenting on the heater rhetoric the two countries have hurled at one another in recent weeks, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski said on 27 October , ‘I think, in fact, our relations with Lithuania have been this way for many years, but only now they have been precisely described,’ Warsaw Business Journal quoted  Reuters.

‘We have had the same catalog of unresolved problems for years and we would like to see our relations in better shape,’ he added.