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Television-389x262The Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania said on Tuesday it had asked the Russian-language First Baltic Channel to deny the lies broadcast in its recent TV programme about the January 13 events in Lithuania and apologise to Lithuanian citizens.

False facts about the Soviet aggression against Lithuania on 13 January, 1991 were reported during the First Baltic Channel’s broadcast ‘Man and Law’ on 4 October, 2013.

“The commission is calling on the FBC to apologise to the people of Lithuania over the spread of such information that might have offended their civic feelings,” the commission said in a statement.

Following the broadcast, Lithuanian cable TV provider ‘Cgates’ stopped the broadcast of the Latvian-registered FBC.

The aforementioned FBC’s programme included an interview with Mikhail Golovatov, the then commander of the Alpha Group that stormed the TV Tower in Vilnius and other people who denied the military attack.

Some 14 people were killed during an attempt by the Soviet army and its special forces to take over the Vilnius TV Tower on 13 January 1991, and more than 1,000 unarmed civilians were injured.