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Leader-of-the-opposition-Andrius-Kubilius-DELFI-Photo-by-T.-Vinickas-389x259Lithuanian opposition leader Andrius Kubilius stated on Monday that Lithuanian politicians and political parties should be united and agree on a strategy to resist the Russian trade war.

Kubilius, Lithuania’s former prime minister, criticised the actions of the current administration, saying the Cabinet should be more active.

“Throughout the entire month of the trade war on the border, it remains unclear what the government did and what its strategy of operations is. The impression is that its only strategy is quiet waiting, and the main philosophy of our administration is to turn its other cheek, if the first cheek has already been slapped. All we see until now is intimidated expectation that Russia may come to senses and halt the trade war operations,” Kubilius told a news conference on Monday.

The opposition leader said that “Lithuanian politicians should unite in the face of the trade war,” announcing plans to hold a meeting of parties and government institutions on a joint resistance strategy.

“There is no other way than holding a meeting of political parties and government institutions shortly, hopefully tomorrow, so we can agree on the key principles of the strategy and our immediate actions,” said Kubilius, the leader of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (Conservatives).

He further explained his position by saying: “It is my understanding that key principles should be stipulated in a clearer manner – first of all, Russia’s trade war against Lithuania is Russia’s trade war against the European Union; therefore, the response should not be bilateral, but involve Lithuania’s efforts to rally an EU response.”

In his words, Lithuania should make more efficient use of “official European formats”.

“Lithuania is holding EU (Council) presidency, therefore, has additional potential of rallying an EU response to Russia, the EU can make better use of its weight in the World Trade Organisation, Lithuania has the potential of initiating top-level EU agreements on the trade policies the EU should have with regard to Russia,” said the opposition leader, adding that Europe should receive a “signal about possible threats of trade with Russia”.