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Some of the Lithuania’s marginal parties and groups that are running for the upcoming municipality elections are financed by countries that are hostile to Lithuania, Arvydas Anusauskas, chairman of the Lithuanian parliament’s National Security and Defence Committee said to Veidas weekly magazine in its 21 February issue.

‘I would not like to mention any parties; I do not want to speculate about it. However, there are small organizations that are fully dependent (on the funding – the Lithuania Tribune). They are also running for the municipality elections. When we say there could be shady money involved, it has to be said that financing is currently managed in a way that the degree of conspiracy is much higher,’ quoted Anusauksas saying to Veidas magazine.

“There are foundations in the East and in the West that support events and operations of marginal parties. However, the activities are not necessarily political campaigns. The support often comes through sponsorship of culture or something. Our laws do not restrict this,” Anusauskas continued.

On 27 February Lithuania will elect some 1.526 members of municipal councils.  Some 23 parties, 505 independent candidates and 28 coalitions are running in these elections.