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“We’ve got those reports from our partners who work in customs terminals in Russia, take care of documents… They said that no trucks had been taken for detailed checks today,” Atroškevičius told BNS.

Queues-at-the-Lithuanian-Russian-border-DELFI-Photo-by-K.-Čachovskis-389x259Russia on Tuesday called off tightened border checks on Lithuanian truckers, the vice-president of the national road carriers’ association, Linava, Mecislavas Atroškevičius told BNS.

“The reports are unofficial since we still haven’t got any official information. However, full checks are not being conducted today; hence, we conclude that the risk profile has not been extended, it remained in effect until 30 September inclusive,” Mecislavas Atroškevičius said.

The association had got those reports from its partners in Russia, he said.

Rolandas Kriščiunas, Deputy Foreign Minister, told BNS that he had not yet been notified about cancellation of tightened checks. He added that if those reports were to be confirmed, he expected Russia to provide an official explanations in the near time.

“If the indications show that the situation has got back to normal we should also soon hear explanations of what that was, why that was done and what the results of all of that are … Once we have official explanations we would decide what measures should be taken. I could not make any detailed comments about those measures now,” the official told BNS.

Atroškevičius said that, according to information available to him, the trucks, which had been chosen for detailed checks by Tuesday, would be inspected longer, but the situation should finally get back to normal in a week or two.

However, the association would still have to assess the side-effects of tightened checks, he said.

“We will see whether this disease had any side-effects on business… Once things simmer down, we will sit down to talk and will discuss TIR carnets, certain outstanding issues related to them,” Atroskevicius said.

In early September, Russia stepped up the customs checks of Lithuania-registered cars on the mutual border and started thoroughly checking trucks a few weeks ago. Lithuanian haulers later said Russia lifted checks of trucks carrying perishables.