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September 2, 2010

Nineteen years ago today – September 2, 1991 – President George Bush delivered a press conference from Kennebunkport, Maine and declared the formal U.S. recognition of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  The reassertion of independence by the three countries, never lost in the eyes and hearts of Americans, was the fulfillment of a 51 year struggle by the peoples of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.   As with the other two nations, the U.S. has enjoyed a stunningly  successful relationship with its ally, Estonia, over the past 19 years.  As we proceed along the path of our joint future in freedom, it is good to reflect on highlights of the remarks of President Bush:
President George Bush

Kennebunkport, Maine

September 2, 1991

The Baltic peoples of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and their democratically elected governments have declared their independence and are moving now to control their own national territories and their own destinies. The United States has always supported the independence of the Baltic States and is now prepared immediately to establish diplomatic relations with their governments. The United States is also prepared to do whatever it can to assist in the completion of the current process of making Baltic independence a factual reality. …… This morning I talked to the President of Estonia and of Latvia, as I did to Mr. Landsbergis of Lithuania a couple of days ago, to tell him of this official position now being taken by the United States of America.