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On Thursday, Sweden will publish a large number of classified documents including those from 1991 that deal with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the liberation of the Baltic states.

Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt wrote in his blog that many of these diplomatic documents cast light on the dramatic period when the Baltic states regained independence from the Soviet Union.

“On Thursday we will do something that has never be done in Sweden before – we will remove the seal of secrecy from a significant number of archive materials of the ministry of foreign affairs. It’s unique, interesting and important,” Bildt wrote in his blog.

Bildt said that there will be a book based on these diplomatic documents, but the majority of the documents will also be available online,

On Friday, Bildt will be accompanying the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt for a visit to Latvia for talks on bilateral relations and trade, the economic situation in Europe and current EU affairs.