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If it loses the municipal council elections, the Conservatives may take radical steps this spring, not only removing Andrius Kubilius as party chairman, but also as prime minister, writes  “Vilniaus diena” (Vilnius Day).

Kubilius himself is most reluctant to predict his party’s outcome in the upcoming February 27 elections. “Local elections are local elections, where people evaluate the work of local politicians.  I believe that voters will assess objectively “- sleek phrases spoken by the prime minister when asked what local election results would show his unsuccessful leadership of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD) party.

He did not confirm nor deny that he would accept the responsibility if after the election the Conservative ranks would raise discussion on the poor performance: “Here is the assessment – you will think that the results are bad, we will not think so.  All of the evaluation depends on your point of view.”

Therefore Kubilius is yet unwilling to evaluate his potential to remain party leader and prime minister, in case the expected fiasco for the TS-LKD occurs in the new term government.

Unofficially, Vilniaus diena wrote, President Dalia Grybauskaite promises to seriously evaluate the results of the election.  In the case that they are unfavorable for the conservatives, the president will oppose and, perhaps herself, initiate that the head of government be replaced or even give over the government to the opposition.

One TS-LKD leader Jurgis Razma argued that it would not be considered failure if in the elections the party received 10 to 20 percent fewer seats than four years ago. “But if the results would be much worse, for example, we receive 30 percent fewer seats, then that probably should be more cause for concern.  In this case, within the party, you will see that there would be discussions on certain policy adjustments towards parliamentary elections, “- he said to Vilniaus diena.